Bite Guards

Bite Guard

Bite guards are dental appliances custom-made to fit a patient’s teeth, serving a wide variety of purposes. Bite guards ensure maximum comfort and protection, and can be worn for people of all ages. Each bite guard’s made individually by our partnered dental labs, and can be used to protect the teeth, cheeks, and tongue during sports, high-impact activities, and nighttime grinding.

The Importance of Bite Guards

Buying inexpensive mouthguards at your pharmacy or sporting goods store may benefit, but will only benefit for a short time. Most bite guards sold in-store will conform to the teeth and provide protection, but won’t provide the protection needed to not interfere with speech and breathing.

Custom-fitted bite guards are a balanced bite that’s comfortable and helps support the bite and teeth, and with the various configurations that can be made for bite guards, our practice focuses on taking the time for each individual patient’s needs. Our insights into dentistry can also help alleviate symptoms you may not have thought about with your bite guards such as:

  • Pain that feels like an earache, but rather radiates from the discomfort from your jaw
  • Chipped teeth, caused by a lack of protection from your bite guard
  • Soreness in the jaw, face, and neck
  • Dull headaches starting from the temples
  • Damage in the inside of your cheeks
  • Increased tooth sensitivity or pain
Example of Mouth Guard

Types of Bite Guards Available

At Thomas M. Piazza, we offer our patients a wide selection of custom-fitted bite guards for both sleeping and sportswear, including

Sports Mouth Guards – Our custom-fitted mouth guards, also called laminated pressure mouthguards, retain their shape for long periods, and are fused together with multiple layers of laminating EVA material that is heated, placed over a stone model, and pressed and layered with maximum pressure to precisely adapt to sports conditions. They allow effective communications, don’t interfere with breathing and have little wear when worn and chewed on.

Nightguards – With night guards, they are prescribed based on our patient’s specific needs. We offer multiple varieties of night guards, including soft night guards, dual laminated guards, and acrylic nightguards.

  • Soft guards – Soft guards protect teeth from mild cases of teeth grinding and bruxism. These guards are for patients who don’t suffer on a nightly basis from these conditions. These also protect against teeth clenching.
  • Dual laminated – When teeth grinding becomes more severe, dual laminated guards contain a soft interior and hard exterior to offer more protection and durability.
  • Acrylic night guards – Rigid, but extremely supportive, acrylic night guards help people who suffer from severe teeth grinding and clenching and are much more durable than the dual laminated and soft guards.

From mild to severe cases, these guards prevent nighttime teeth grinding, teeth clenching, and offer wide protection during sleep.

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