Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Patients come to Dr. Piazza’s office every day, looking for ways to improve their smile. While regular cleanings and a good dental hygiene routine can protect your teeth from discoloration and decay, it can’t restore damage already done. Medical treatments, poor dental hygiene, and trauma have all been causes of chipped, broken, or missing teeth in our patients. Crowns and Fixed Bridges are a treatment that can restore healthy bite and function, and we help our patients benefit from these restorations.

What Are Bridges And Crowns?

Both bridges and crowns are forms of restoration that are used to restore damaged teeth or replace those that have fallen out.


Chips, breaks, wear and tear, and previous restorations can all need repairing due to decay or misadventure. They are traditionally made of porcelain or metal bonded porcelain and have a beautiful aesthetic that is difficult to tell from natural teeth.


When teeth have been extracted or fallen out, bridges can be used to restore them. The process involves mounting crowns on the two teeth adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth. These crowns support a central prosthetic tooth that restores natural function and appearance to patient’s smiles.

Rendering of a Bridge

What Materials Are Used To Make Bridges And Crowns?

Bridges and crowns are both available in a variety of materials that vary in efficacy and price. Both of these restorations are most commonly produced in porcelain for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Other options include porcelain bonded metal and metal.

  • Full Porcelain –This is the most popular material due to its natural appearance and durability.
  • Gold Teeth –Durable and long-lasting, the cost of their material makes them a rare choice.
  • Gold Bonded Porcelain –This combination gives the benefit of gold’s durability and porcelain’s appearance.
  • Zirconia Fused Porcelain –Zirconia is a beautiful white metal that bears a striking resemblance to natural teeth. Bonding porcelain to it creates an aesthetic beauty combined with durability.
  • Dental Composite –While the most affordable, composite crowns are not as durable or strong as the other options. They do have the benefit of being less expensive and natural in appearance.

Who Can Get Crowns and Bridges?

Most patients who have missing or damaged teeth can benefit from receiving crowns or bridges, though some exceptions do exist. Patients who are sensitive to the materials used may have their choices limited, but can usually still benefit from the treatment. Those who have oral health concerns that make their jaw or teeth unable to support crowns or bridges will have to consult with Dr. Piazza to determine if options are available.

If you’ve been considering taking steps to improve your smile and protect your oral health with crowns or bridges, call our Naperville, IN offices at 630-357-6400 for an appointment. Our friendly staff will arrange for a consultation with our team of dental experts. You’ll receive a full dental exam and then receive guidance on whether crowns or bridges are an appropriate choice for treating your oral health concerns.

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