At Dr. Piazza’s office, we provide our patients with a comprehensive list of denture selections to choose from to replace missing teeth. When you visit our office, Dr. Piazza and his staff of dentists will help recommend the best type of denture for your needs.

Our Selection of Dentures

Some of our options include:

Full Dentures – Full dentures, or sometimes called complete dentures, contain both the upper and lower sets of replacement teeth and gums. Made out of porcelain or acrylic, the dentures are held together by a metal or acrylic base. These dentures will rest on the gum tissue and will suction to keep in place. Full dentures can last up to 10 years with proper care and can be easily removed and cleaned.

Partial Dentures – Partial dentures contain the same mechanisms as full dentures, but instead focus on either the upper or lower dentures. These dentures are designed to fill the gaps created by missing teeth and can be adjusted with the addition of bridges and implants to replace sections of missing teeth, instead of the whole lower or upper half of the mouth. Partial dentures can also be made with flexible nylon rather than acrylic, and don’t contain any metal parts, leading to a more natural look.

Implant-Fixed Dentures – These dentures feature a crown that’s surgically inserted into the jawbone, and contains implants that fix into place with screws. The prosthetic crowns help to stimulate gum tissue, and cannot be removed once placed. These dentures require a minimum of four to six implants to work properly and also require a sturdy, healthy jawbone structure to function properly. When formed as a partial denture, they’re considered to be overdentures, which function by going over a supporting structure, such as implants or natural teeth.

Snap-On Dentures – Also called removable dentures, snap-on dentures contain removable crowns that snap on and off the implants in the jaw. These types of implants fasten securely to the implants so you can focus on chewing food without worrying about losing dentures in the process. Snap-on dentures also can help patients who have speaking difficulties with normal dentures and provides a stable, secure denture for replacing teeth.

Variety of denture options

The Benefits of Dentures

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re a good candidate for dentures, then know that there are numerous benefits to having dentures. As a viable alternative to missing teeth, dentures can provide benefits such as:

  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve appearance
  • Support facial muscles
  • Improve speech
  • Eat food regularly

Also, caring for dentures is an easy routine, and for those with dentures, having a daily care routine is beneficial to expanding the lifespan of your dentures. Some of our tips for caring for dentures include:

  • Brushing your dentures with non-abrasive denture toothpaste
  • Rinse dentures after eating to remove particles
  • Use soft bristles to gently clean your dentures
  • Rinse your dentures with a denture cleaner
  • Store your dentures in water or a mild cleaner each night

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