General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry is the cornerstone of our practice in Naperville, IL, and is essential to a life with good dental health. This term is used to describe the basic practices of a dental office, including the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of a broad range of medical concerns. These include all conditions that affect that gums, teeth, jaw, and face. Dr. Piazza’s practice focuses on providing care and education that helps patients maintain good dental health and oral hygiene.

Preventative Dentistry

Your twice-yearly check-ups are one of the foundations of general dentistry, and prevention of future concerns their focus. Taking dental imagery, doing a thorough cleaning of your teeth, and inspecting your oral cavity for signs of health concerns are all part of the preventative dentistry we do here. Sealants and fluoride treatments are just one way we help our patients prevent decay and damage to their teeth, avoiding expensive dentistry down the road.

Periodontal Therapy

When gum disease has gotten serious, we also offer periodontal care. This is essentially a more thorough cleaning of your teeth, getting down into the pockets of bacteria that form between gum and tooth. Scaling helps remove plaque and tartar below the gum line, while root planing helps to smooth the surface of your roots to deny bacteria a surface to cling to. Minor surgeries, including frenectomies and gingivectomies, also fall under this service.

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When it becomes necessary to extract a tooth, you can come see us to have it performed. While first steps will typically involve performing a root canal, when possible, sometimes the only thing for a tooth is to pull it out. Our services include single extractions and full-mouth extractions for patients who are preparing to get their first set of dentures. Extractions are avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Root Canal Therapy

Another service we offer as part of our general dentistry practice is root canals. Root Canal Therapy is the best option for preserving a tooth that has become compromised. When the pulp has become infected, or an abscess is present, a tooth may have to undergo a root canal to save it. Patients who undergo this treatment not only get to relieve the pain and irritation of an infected tooth but also can prevent the extraction of the tooth. Every tooth in your mouth is important, and extraction is a last resort.

If you have more questions about general dentistry and the services we offer at Dr. Thomas Piazza’s office, give us a call at 630-357-6400. We’ll be happy to schedule you an appointment and set up a consultation with one of our dental experts. When you arrive at 10 W. Martin Avenue, Ste. 116 Naperville, IL, you’ll have your medical history taken and undergo a full dental exam. Following your exam, you’ll receive a consultation on your dental health and which of the services our office provides may help improve your dental health. Start your journey to great dental health with Dr. Thomas Piazza and their team today!

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