Inlays and Onlays

Inlay and onlay

Most dental patients have heard of fillings and what they can do for cavities and damage to their teeth. Inlays and Onlays are less familiar, but just as important a tool in Dr. Piazza’s kit for responding to decay. They are positioned within the tooth just like fillings but are only used to restore minor damage from decay. In the past, these treatments were only made from gold; modern technology has provided new options.

Dental Inlays

Inlays still serve the same purpose they did in previous years, but new materials have been developed to make them nearly invisible to the human eye. When fillings become defective or unattractive, they can be removed and replaced with these treatments. The act of bonding them to the teeth has actually been shown to have strengthening effects in some cases. The most common materials used in inlays are porcelain or dental composites.

Dental Onlays

While these restorations are also situated inside the tooth, they also include part of the chewing surface of the tooth. Like inlays, these used to be made of gold exclusively, but the new material available for inlays can be used in the creation of onlays as well. The bonding process used to affix them to the tooth has the same strengthening effect as well.

When Would I Need An Inlay Or Onlay?

As a smaller and less-intrusive form of reconstruction, it can be difficult to know when it’s appropriate to receive an inlay or onlay rather than a crown or cap. If you have experienced minor damage, wear, and tear, or minor decay to your tooth, you may benefit from these restorations. The best way to know if these are appropriate solutions for your oral health concerns is by consulting with Dr. Piazza.

Inlay set in jawbone

How Are They Applied To My Teeth?

Getting an inlay or onlay typically takes two visits to complete the procedure. Your first visit involves the creation of a mold from your damaged tooth that sent off to have the final inlay or onlay created. As part of this process, Dr. Piazza will discuss your material options with you and help you decide which would be best for your case. Your tooth will be prepared to receive this restoration and temporarily sealed until it arrives. During your second visit, the seal will be removed, and the final restoration put in place.

Call us today at 630-357-6400 to schedule your appointment with our friendly staff to get started towards restoring your teeth. You’ll be brought in for a full dental exam, including imaging. The results of this exam will help Dr. Piazza determine whether this style of restoration will be appropriate for your oral concerns. Every year we help our patients make the choices that will help them reach their smile goals and maintain their oral health for a lifetime. You can call us, or you can drop in at 10 W. Martin Avenue, Ste. 116, to start your path to a lifetime of beautiful smiles with Dr. Thomas Piazza in Naperville, IN.

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