Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

If you’ve one or more teeth missing and wish to find the best resources for replacing them, then our dentists at Dr. Piazza’s has you covered. At Dr. Piazza’s dentistry, we offer partial dentures as a solution for many of our patients. When missing only a few teeth, it can be not very easy to find the right solution that’s both functional and cost-effective. Full dentures don’t accommodate only a few missing teeth and implants. At the same time, the most optimal solution, can be cost-prohibitive and isolate many people from the dental solutions they need. That’s why at our office, we offer a wide range of partial dentures to choose from, as well as different varieties of partial dentures.

Partial dentures

Our Selection of Partial Dentures

Each patient we see in our office has their history, and thus their own needs, which is why we offer our custom-made partials to suit the needs of all our patients. At our office, we offer:

Removable Partial Dentures – The most common type of partials, these dentures can be made with rigid cast metal or acrylic.

  • Rigid cast metal partials contain high-quality replacement teeth, and depending on the procedure and patient, we can install partials by attaching metal clasps or precision attachments to existing teeth. Rigid cast metal partials will last for years and are highly customizable.
  • Acrylic partials, also called flippers, are made with acrylic instead of metal. Acrylic flippers contain replacement teeth set into a pink base and are made sturdy and thick to reduce the risks of breakage. These types of partials are used as temporary solutions for more permanent restorations, and less expensive than their metal counterparts.

Flexible Partial Dentures – Flexible partials work for those who have sensitivities to metals and acrylics, such as discomforts and allergic reactions. Flexible partials are made with a heat-sensitive, thin plastic that’s both comfortable and realistic looking. Flexible partials attach around the teeth with thin, gum, colored clasps, but are considered temporary and more expensive.

Fixed Partial Dentures – Fixed partials, also called fixed bridges, work for patients who have a few missing teeth, and the surrounding teeth are healthy. Fixed bridges remain in your mouth at all times, and need to be brushed like normal teeth. To wear fixed bridges, patients will need to have healthy teeth to support the partials, but these partials are a highly popular solution for those with only a few missing teeth.

Implant-Supported Partial Dentures – If you have more than a few missing teeth than implant-supported partials can replace the upper or lower line of teeth with small posts implanted into the roots, and then attached with bridges to help maintain a natural-looking tooth structure. These partials are permanent but also last the longest.

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