Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants help to prevent cavities, one of the most common childhood diseases within the United States. Dental sealants are an important measure to protect against tooth decay because they act as a shield against plaque and bacteria build-up, but despite their importance, many parents don’t know about sealants and how they protect kid’s teeth. Why do children need dental sealants? At Dr. Piazza’s office, we offer comprehensive care for families throughout the Naperville area and offer dental sealants as an early prevention treatment for children sensitive to cavities.

How do our dental sealants work?

Early cavity prevention can help save children’s teeth and prevent a lifetime of oral health problems in the future. Cavities develop overtime from the build-up of bacteria, food particles, and acids, all of which combine to form plaque. The plaque, when untreated, can turn into tartar, and the plaque holds bacteria in place and causes the teeth to decay over time to form cavities, the earliest stages of tooth decay. Molars, in particular, have deep grooves and fissures that can be hard to clean, which is why children who diligently brush their teeth may still develop cavities.

Dental sealants prevent the decay of the pit and fissures by coating the molars in a plastic material that adheres to the surface. Because cavities form from plaque build-up, sealants prevent the bacteria caught in the fissures and pits and deprives them of nutrients to grow and spread. Sealants provide a vacuum seal against plaque build-up and cavities and thus, prevent decay from progressing further. As one of the most advanced forms of early cavity prevention and can help children and teenagers prevent cavities and tooth decay in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should my child get dental sealants?

Children should get dental sealants after the initial eruption of their first permanent molars at six to seven years of age, and their second permanent molars at 12 to 13 years. Teenagers should also get dental sealants during their teenage years, especially if they have sensitive teeth.

Will sealants prevent all cavities?

Dental sealants, despite their preventative methods, do not replace proper oral care. Children should still be taught proper brushing and flossing hygiene practices, and should also receive regular dental exams along with eating a healthy diet to prevent cavities.

How long do dental sealants last for children?

Dental sealants can last from 5 to 10 years, depending on the child’s oral development and other factors, such as early signs of tooth decay. Dental sealants should be applied as soon as possible when their primary and secondary molars erupt.

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