Provisional Restorations

Provisional Restorations

Provisional restorations are custom blueprints for final restoration procedures, giving patients better opportunities to discuss with dentists about what they want from the final product. Temporary restorations serve as prototypes, but instead of the one-size-fits-all method of restorations that many dentists serve to give patients, provisional restorations allow patients to try on new looks and make modifications before receiving their permanent solutions.

Why do patients need provisional restorations?

Provisional restorations have become a necessary part of any smile and bite reconstruction process and serve a multitude of functions, including:

  • Protecting sensitive teeth for preparations
  • Covering exposed dentin to prevent infections, sensitivities, and plaque buildup
  • Preventing tooth movements
  • Maintaining gum health
  • Address cosmetic functions during the interim period
  • Save time and money for the permanent restoration

For patients who choose permanent restoration treatments, such as implants, crowns, and veneers, custom made provisional restorations offer protection, comfort, and an aesthetically pleasing smile when installed correctly. At Dr. Piazza’s office, we give our patients an extended period of assessment and modifications before we form and fit the permanent restorations. We also have computer-aided design restorations, which allow us to make the necessary adjustments all in one place, so you don’t have to worry about the final placement of your treatment.

Cleaning of temporary restoration crown

With provisional restorations, our dentists will evaluate three critical areas for success:

Mouth Function – Being able to perform proper biting, chewing, and speaking is essential for preparing for permanent restorations. Our dentists will assess your comfort level when wearing your temporary restorations, and make adjustments if the temporary restorations move, shift, or fall out. While our procedures work with soft dental cement to install the restorations temporarily, we focus on teaching our patients how to assess the comfort level of their restorations and encourage our patients to contact us regarding any unnatural movements and shifting in their restorations.

Facial Appearance – Along with mouth function, we focus on the aesthetic and overall fitting of the restorations throughout the entirety of the face. If the restorations cause protruding of the lips, jawline, and cause the face to appear out of proportion, then our dentists will adjust the restorations ahead of time to fit the face naturally.

Smile Appearance – With temporary restorations, patients will be able to get input from others regarding tooth color and how the restorations blend with other teeth. Our dentists will also assess the functional and aesthetics of your smile and make adjustments if necessary.

We use both direct and indirect techniques for forming and creating our temporary restorations, and we only use durable, highly-resistant materials for the final outcomes to make sure that your restorations fit perfectly. Following your initial trial, we will also teach you ways of caring for your temporary restorations, because adjusting to the new teeth in the mouth can be a long process. Depending on the procedure, our dentists will give you personalized direction on what to expect, how to care for your new teeth, and other directives on preparing for your final restorations.

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