Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard

At our office, we care for active patients at all stages of life, and for all of them, there is one essential piece of equipment. The Sports Mouth Guard is an effective way of protecting teeth from the trauma that can occur while participating in sports activities, especially those involving full contact such as football. Blows to the head can cause unprotected teeth to become cracked, chipped, or even dislodged. Wearing a sports mouthguard cushions these blows and reduces or eliminates the damage done. Whether you have a child who participates in school sports or you enjoy an active lifestyle yourself, we have guards to protect you while you play.

What Are Sports Mouth Guards?

This is one name for a series of devices generically known as mouth guards or mouth protectors. They are worn over your teeth and serve to protect your head and face from incoming blows that could damage your teeth. Anyone who participates in any sort of active lifestyle should be sure to wear a mouthguard to prevent chipping, breaking, or dislodging of teeth. These guards are appropriate for skateboarding, mountain biking, basketball, baseball, etc. They most commonly cover just the upper teeth, though versions exist that cover both, especially when dental appliances such as crowns and bridges exist.

What Types of Mouth Guards Do I Have To Choose From?

Regardless of the type of mouthguard, you decide on, it needs to be sturdy, fit comfortably, and be resistant to damage. In addition, it needs to not impede your ability to speak or breathe, and custom fits are always preferable to general designs. The most common types are:

  • Custom Design Mouthguards –These mouth guards are perfectly fitted to your mouth, and typically have to be made from a mold sent out to a dental laboratory. They are comfortable, durable, and have no peer where protection is concerned. Unsurprisingly they are also the most costly of the bunch.
  • Boil and Bite –As the name suggests, these guards are formed of a material that becomes malleable when it is boiled. Biting down on it while it’s warm will create a form of your teeth that, while not as perfect as a custom design, go a long way towards providing additional protection.
  • Stock Guards –These guards are produced in standard shapes and sizes, and they rarely provide anything like a perfect fit. They tend to be bulkier than other guards, and often impede easy speaking or breathing.

If you’re intending on participating in sporting activities or have children participating in school sports, book an appointment with us at 10 W. Martin Avenue, Ste. 116, Naperville, IL today. You can reach us by calling 630-357-6400, where your call will be answered by our friendly staff. They’ll schedule your visit and take any pertinent information you may need and answer your questions. After scheduling your appointment, you can prepare in advance by printing and filling out the documents available on our patient forms page. Don’t let your active lifestyle be impacted by dental damage; get a mouth guard today!

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