Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Concern over dental discoloration is a common topic for patients of Dr. Piazza, and our office provides a variety of whitening options to address it. Teeth whitening stands out as the premier cosmetic dental procedure requested by patients in offices across the country. Seeing a professional for your treatment ensures that you’re getting the most effective, safe, and powerful whitening options available. Both in-office and take-home options are available depending on your case.

Why Should I Get Professional Dental Whitening?

When you have a professional handle your whitening procedure, you’ll know that you’ll get great results. Dr. Piazza is experienced in using professional-grade treatments to whiten even stubborn stains quickly and safely. Problems with tooth and gum sensitivity are able to be controlled more carefully with in-office treatments than with take-home options, even with the more powerful solutions used.

What Tooth Stains Should I See Dr. Piazza For?

Not all stains are equal, and some stains can be easily handled at home. Others won’t respond to whitening treatments available over the counter and require a professionals touch to handle properly. Inorganic stains, in particular, are a problem, and can even darken after using normal treatments. Tetracycline antibiotics are a common culprit of dental discoloration and can be difficult to remove. Some forms of trauma can actually cause the dentin under the enamel to darken. Dentin is out of reach of most dental whitening agents and needs special care.

Is Dental Whitening A Good Choice For Me?

Dr. Piazza sees patients of all kinds and in all stages of life about tooth whitening. While most can benefit from a whitening treatment, there are some concerns that make this procedure inappropriate or painful. Patients with hypersensitive gums or teeth will be advised to take special at-home trays with them to perform their whitening. Staining that is deep within the tooth may require a more careful and extended process that you can take home with you. Front teeth can become transparent with age, and won’t respond to dental whitening efforts.

 Before and after whitening treatments.

Undergoing a teeth whitening procedure in our office is simple and straightforward, and generally free from discomfort. It begins with your dentist inserting a cheek retractor that gives them access to the teeth in the aesthetic zone, or all the teeth that can be seen when you smile. This is followed by the insert of a special rubber dam or resin being painted onto the gum to keep them out of contact with the bleaching gel. You will then undergo a series of bleaching cycles of 15-30 minutes long, after each of which the gel will be washed form your teeth and replaced. Once you have completed your whitening cycle, the retractor will be removed, and you will be allowed to rinse. You may see as much as three to eight shades of improvement, though this is temporary. The final results of your whitening will not be apparent for a couple of days.

If you’re considering undergoing an in-house whitening procedure, give our office a call at 630-357-6400. We’ll schedule you for an appointment with Dr. Piazza, which will include a dental exam and consultation on your whitening options. You’ll then schedule your next appointment to return to our office for the whitening treatment itself. Don’t let discoloration make you hide your beautiful smile, come see us for whitening at 10 W. Martin Avenue, Ste. 116 Naperville, IL today!

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