Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are often the most terrifying yet relatable experience that many patients fear facing when they visit the dentist. At our office, we’re here to inform you that you do not need to worry about experiencing any discomfort during the procedure. Our dentists at Thomas M. Piazza work with the latest dental technologies and anesthesia methods to provide a safe, secure dental treatment for your damaged, decaying tooth.

Why do our dentists offer tooth extractions?

Tooth extractions provide relief for problematic teeth and help to prevent further damage to the gums and surrounding teeth. Teeth are extracted because of severe decay and damage, and for wisdom teeth, they’re removed because they can impact your teeth alignment and growth, leading to a crowded, crooked smile. In many cases, tooth extractions can be followed up by the placement of an artificial tooth, such as an implant, to reduce the risk of misalignment and infection.

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Some of the most common reasons for a tooth extraction include:

Decay and Damage: If the amount of damage to the tooth becomes unbearable, it can lead to severe complications in the future. Once the decay goes through the enamel and reaches the dentin, the nerve endings will become irritated and cause sensitivities to hot, cold, sour, and sticky foods. Decay can spread quickly, and once that decay reaches the nerves and blood vessels, abscesses can form, causing symptoms such as fevers, facial swelling, and severe pain. At this point, extractions are the only way to relieve the pain.

Orthodontic Treatment: Some orthodontic treatments, such as braces, will need a tooth extraction, or multiple tooth extractions is there isn’t enough room for the mouth to grow and align. Lacking space in the mouth can lead to further complications, and tooth extractions can offer the movement needed for the teeth and jaw to align correctly.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth normally do not erupt properly and can cause damage to the jawbones, gums, nerve vessels, and adjacent teeth. By removing the wisdom teeth, these cases can be prevented.

Our Tooth Extraction Process

At Dr. Piazza’s office, we perform tooth extractions in a safe, calming environment. First, our dentist may prescribe you with antibiotics if you have an impaired immune system, or have medical conditions that will affect your healing. During the night before your surgery, you will need to avoid eating and drinking six to eight hours prior. During the day of your surgery, we will offer oral and IV sedation for you to take either before or during the procedure. You will be sedated so we can keep you calm and comfortable, and we’ll perform either a surgical or simple tooth extraction to remove the tooth. Simple extractions involve forceps, while surgical extractions will involve cutting into the gums and cutting the tooth into pieces to remove the tooth.

Contact Dr. Piazza Today!

If you have any medical conditions that could impact your tooth extractions, contact us ahead of time by calling our office at 630-357-6400. Dr. Piazza has worked with patients from all medical backgrounds and has over 30 years of ample dental experience handling tooth extractions, alongside implants, veneers, dentures, and crowns. We operate on a first-name basis, giving our patients a family-friendly environment the moment they enter our Naperville location. Contact our office to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Piazza for a free consultation.

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